Ahmed Best’s Reddit Ask Me Anything

Ahmed Best’s Reddit Ask Me Anything. Into the lion’s den indeed…

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    1. Jackson’s first sexual abuse allegations were early 90’s, weren’t they? Can’t really blame Lucas for going in another direction with that in play.

      (Man, imagine if Jackson had played Jar Jar, and that Prince hadn’t turned down the Ruby Rhod role in The Fifth Element… Who knew that 90’s sci-fi could get any weirder!)

  1. I thought some of the comments were the worst I have ever seen. Incredibly rude to Ahmed – comparing Jar Jar to herpes. Added to the stereotype of immature, small thinkers as part of the Star Wars fanboys. I wrote to him directly to apologize. This is the one that made me ache:

    After filming Episode 1 and before it was released, how did you expect Jar Jar to be received? Did you manage to not take the hatred personally?

    Ahmed’s response: No, it hurt a lot. You put your heart and soul in to something groundbreaking for two years and it gets slammed, that hurts. But It made me stronger. Cheesy answer, but it’s true.

    and this one was really wonderful, indicative of the character of Ahmed Best:
    Comment: Hey Mr. Best- Dunno if you remember, but we met backstage at the first Star Wars Celebration convention (in Denver). At the time I had just been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease/juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and was wheelchair-bound during the convention. I know there’s a lot of Jarjar hate out there, but behind that face was a real cordial guy who helped make that weekend something to remember for a lifetime. I’ve long since been in remission, but it’s still a great memory to look back on. So I just wanted to say thanks, fifteen years later.

    His response:

    Thanks my friend. you just made my day. Much love.

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