Video: Force Friday Countdown: Force Thursday

Baby Jawa, Yowie and Jawajames complete their series of countdown to Force Friday videos with this entry for Force Thursday. They get into some Star Wars Mac n Cheese, check out Jeffrey Brown’s Darth Vader and Friends, and preview Tom Angleberger’s retelling of Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side.

Video: Force Friday Countdown: Force Wednesday!

Jawajames, Yowie the Skunk and Baby Jawa are back at it again! They take unboxing Star Wars stuff very seriously in today’s video for Force Friday Countdown: Wednesday. This time, they review Star Wars fruit snacks; DK’s Ultimate Star Wars by Tricia Barr, Adam Bray, Dan Wallace, and Ryder Windham; and Adam Gidwitz’ retelling of The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to be a Jedi?. Need more info on Ultimate Star Wars? James has a Q&A with Tricia and Adam and a follow-up interview with Adam from this past May.

And if you missed it, check out their first video from Tuesday.

Video: Countdown to Force Friday

Jawajames is back with a new Star Wars unboxing video. Undeterred that he wasn’t selected to be one of the official unboxing hosts for Force Friday, he’s rounded up some recent and upcoming Star Wars products to review with his co-hosts, Yowie the Skunk and Baby Jawa. Reviews include Star Wars cereal, Dark Disciple by Christie Golden, and the upcoming retelling of A New Hope: The Princess, The Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy by Alexandra Bracken.

How to make blue milk


I doubt this is new, but it’s the first I can recall hearing of it, so here you go: How to officially make blue milk. You’d think it would just be a matter of food coloring, but oh no: The reality is much more disgusting: It involves milk, ‘unsweetened blue fruit punch mix’ (uh, Kool-Aid?) and sugar. (You can still use food coloring. These folks did. Or, if you want to get all adult with it, here’s a version with Blue Curacao, amaretto, and coconut rum.)

In any case, thanks, @StarWars. New JadeCon rule: She who wakes up first has to drink the fruit punch version.

EUbits: Fire and ice and rage, and that’s just Randy Stradley

The Star Wars comic - preview detail Rinzler MayhewComics. Remember how Entertainment Weekly was supposed to break some ‘interesting’ Star Wars news? And then we heard it out of WonderCon instead? Well, their article on The Star Wars has finally shown up… And Dark Horse’s Randy Stradley is, let’s say, less than impressed with the end result.

There are two other recent, less wrath-inducing interviews with Stradley on Newsarama and Jedi Journals.

The blogside. Two very different takes on the EU/EpVII issue: Newsarama’s Lucas Siegel takes a thoughtful approach, while io9’s Rob Bricken fans the angry paranoia flames. In another direction, Bria’s Waru Express has reached the New Jedi Order.

Interviews. EUCantina talks to Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

Flashback. Blogger Rologutwein is creating Star Wars roleplaying modules – based on other films – in the style of the old West End Games. Here’s his covers, and one of the interiors.

Randomly… Tosche Station’s Emily has a recipe for Corellian ryshcate.

Serial-based movie gets cereal prizes

My daughter is five and loves Cheerios.  I can’t complain, they’re healthier than other alternatives and a handful makes a great snack after school while waiting for dinner.

One thing though, as a kid I never cared for Cheerios and I’ll admit one of the reasons was this:

Cheerios never had good prizes.

I’m a kid of the 80’s and back then Cheerios was the cereal for moms who ranted about other cereals having too much sugar and other negative quantities.  Luckily, for my brother and I, my mom was a little more open to options- she just wanted us fed and out the door to school on time.  So our mornings were a bit more colorful with Trix, Lucky Charms, and Cookie Crisp making the rotation.  It was always a matter of grave discussion who would get the treasured prize in the box when making our selection at our local grocery store.

So color me surprised when a recent trip to the store changed my cereal world!  I had heard about the General Mills Big G cereals doing a tie-in with the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menance.  I was expecting the usual on box pictures, maybe a mask, or a send off item similar to the Ghost Obi-Wan.  However, this trip I found for the purchase of a box of cereal I could get a pretty cool pen!  There are eight different pens to collect which look pretty great for a freebie in a cereal box.  Additionally, unlike McDonalds, Big G cereals are inclusive with Amidala being one of the options.  There’s a little to love for anyone- Jedi, Queen, Gungan, droids- your desk will look great or homework will be just a little more fun with one of these pens.  Who knew something good for you would also be fun too!

Additionally on my trip to the store, while my Cheerios boxes were bare of any Star Wars fun, the Honey Nut Cheerios had a different offer- a free poster with each purchase.  The post came wrapped to the box and is located in the back.  You could use it for play, decorate your locker, or hang it in your cube to geek things up a bit.

Bravo to General Mills Big G Cereal for getting it right! Star Wars items for girls and boys without insulting anyone.   Can’t wait to dive into some Cookie Crisp for me and some Cheerios for the kiddo – just hope we get different pens!