EUbits: Fire and ice and rage, and that’s just Randy Stradley

The Star Wars comic - preview detail Rinzler MayhewComics. Remember how Entertainment Weekly was supposed to break some ‘interesting’ Star Wars news? And then we heard it out of WonderCon instead? Well, their article on The Star Wars has finally shown up… And Dark Horse’s Randy Stradley is, let’s say, less than impressed with the end result.

There are two other recent, less wrath-inducing interviews with Stradley on Newsarama and Jedi Journals.

The blogside. Two very different takes on the EU/EpVII issue: Newsarama’s Lucas Siegel takes a thoughtful approach, while io9’s Rob Bricken fans the angry paranoia flames. In another direction, Bria’s Waru Express has reached the New Jedi Order.

Interviews. EUCantina talks to Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

Flashback. Blogger Rologutwein is creating Star Wars roleplaying modules – based on other films – in the style of the old West End Games. Here’s his covers, and one of the interiors.

Randomly… Tosche Station’s Emily has a recipe for Corellian ryshcate.

3 Replies to “EUbits: Fire and ice and rage, and that’s just Randy Stradley”

  1. Wow — don’t piss off Randy Stradley! And here I thought EW was getting some actual scoops. What a shame.

  2. Randy is an awesome guy to talk comics and Star Wars with. While not shocked (because journalism isn’t what it once was by a long shot) I am mad at EW for their misrepresentation of the facts and not complying with the review wishes of the subject.

    EW has gone downhill over the past 5 or so years. I was a subscriber at the very start- soon as they stopped doing the postcards, it seems to be a turning point for quality.

    I for one look forward to reading the new series. Should be pretty great! And I love the idea of Dark Horse taking over 1313 stories!

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