Poll: The inevitable Halloween question and link-up

Halloween by Ralph Hockens (rhockens @ Flickr) CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ve been hearing that Star Wars costumes were a hot ticket this year. (Even at the White House.) Above, an amazing AT-ST spotted by Ralph Hockens in New York City. (Another shot here.) There are plenty of shots on Flickrfar too many to link – and StarWars.com has a roundup of their coverage, including action figure costumes.

My internet favorite has to be Darth Vader and the Death Star, though.

But our question is: How many did you see? Answer below or on the sidebar.

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Spot any more pics on Flickr or the internet? Link ’em in the comments! And don’t forget you can enter the Rebelscum Costume Contest through tomorrow.

Mary wants your crafting nightmares!

A message from the Mighty Mary Franklin:

I am writing my Bantha Tracks editorial to go with a “Craft” theme, and have decided to write about great Star Wars craft ideas gone all to hell. I know we have some great stories in Club Jade alone! PG and Yav’s “Twin Suns of Corellia” costume, for example, or Jar Jar the F*&*^#g Pinata.

Please send me a brief story and pictures of your Star Wars crafts gone wrong to banthatracks@starwars.com

To meet my deadline for Insider magazine, please send by tomorrow (Tuesday) night. However, if I get a lot of good stories like this I will do a special feature in Bantha Tracks Online, too! Thanks! Jessa.