Saturday and Sunday @ D*C

Helen had to dance for twenty minutes for the author panel, as Tim Zahn was delayed thanks to the crazy traffic. Did you know there’s a reference to The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology buried in The New Essential Guide to Alien Species? As for Tim, there were far too many LOTF virgins the audience, but we did learned he does not approve of the killing Chewbacca. Or ‘Chewbacca,’ as the case may be. Also, if asked to write another SW book, he would pitch a sequel to Allegiance where the Hand of Judgment goes to the Unknown Regions and meet Thrawn. (Of course.)

Later was the cultural panel – the influence of Star Wars on culture and vice versa, with Helen, Lori Sartre of Star Wars Chicks, Beth Spires, and two other folks – Shaun and Stacy, whose last name I didn’t catch. It was really interesting, and packed. (At least for the Dunwoody.) Then, we escorted Helen to Mr. Star Wars, which she was judging.

Mr. Star Wars. Umm… Well. Yeah. Hilariously humiliating! Perhaps far too much for our Karrdes. (Rogue declined to enter.) But it was fun for us, even if the leg-humping went on a bit too long.

And last but not least by a long shot, the Cantina ‘Ball’? Needs to be renamed the Cantina Floorshow. People, if you’re going to advertise something as a party, THROW A DAMN PARTY.

As for Sunday, really the only thing of note was a charity auction I slept through (Rogue will have to catch you up – he was the auctioneer.) and the Star Wars costume contest. There were several really great costumes (including a great Padme funeral dress, extremely impressive TPM Senate Amidala, Gonk, Admiral Ackbar, Zam Wessel.)

And in about a half hour, we’re going to try to liveblog the Masquerade. Pray for us.

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  1. Did you get a picture of the Senate Amidala? She’s in my garrison and I wasn’t able to get pictures of her cause I was on my way to the Slave Leia shoot.

  2. Yeah. Mr. Star Wars definitely had a different, um, style this year. I helped to run the thing and was a bit shocked.

    It all depends on who enters….

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