D*C: Adventures in Hyatting

So far, I have:

1. Waited longer than anyone should ever wait for an elevator. (NEVER bitching about the Indy elevators again.)

2. Walked up eight flights of stairs. Twice.

3. Two guys had a shouting match happen right above my head over why the elevator was broken. The perfect reason to GTFO and take a second go-round with the stairs, plus a stopover at the con suite to scam some weird Red Bull-type thing. (Jadecon suite it wasn’t.)

4. The fire marshall locked me out. Seriously.

5. Got told to look something up on Youtube by random elevator dude. Um, no.

Other improbabilities:

1. I had to buy a lanyard. What?

2. THREE HOTELS. NO CON CENTER. This is so weird.

3. Ran into Fen in the food court. Twice. We’re internet buddies!

And a bonus rant: People who attempt to take their impromptu celebrity photo-op right in front of the down elevator. Dude, you’re lucky there were no stormtroopers on it at the time. What a magnificent dogpile that would have been! Hell, let’s just say all people who decide to take posed pictures in the middle of high traffic areas during the day. DIE NERD SCUM.

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  1. The secret is super-secret employee elevators. Typically hidden behind “employee only” doors. If it’s bad enough, risk it.

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