Ron is Dumbledore? Believe it or not, these are the best #StarWars tweets for March 12-17

@derf_vader: What if Yoda is a 900 year-old Luke Skywalker who used the Force to travel back in time? Mind blown. #StarWars #EpisodeVII

This week’s selection is a little thinner than I’d like, but perhaps it’s for the best? In any case, onward!

Best #StarWars tweets for March 12-17

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What if Yoda is a 900 year-old Luke Skywalker who used the Force to travel back in time? Mind blown. #StarWars #EpisodeVIIDerfpenscheid
My 2-yr old can name every Star Wars character, but calls Han Solo "Consin Yolo." Clearly I’m failing as a father. #starwarsSalt City Fanboy
Two words.Millions of childhoods.Star Wars.#bestfandomJonathan Guy
I’m listening to #StarWars soundtracks while writing a @StarTrek novel. Am I risking calamity by crossing the streams or just channeling JJ?David Mack

Episode VII and such

This just in, your mom would like to be in Episode VII. (Seriously, she just said that’d be "super.")Pablo Hidalgo
At the end of the day, deep down we all simultaneously want to be in #EpisodeVII & are frightened by it. The power of #StarWars (wars, wars)Kay
Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams, yeah, yeah. I want to know if they’re bringing Denis Lawson back! #EpisodeVII #RogueLeaderAustin Madison
I’m becoming increasingly inclined to get a t-shirt that says "It’s Not Confirmed Until It’s On"Bria
Anyone who says they won’t go see Episode VII if the EU becomes invalidated is full of poop.Nanci Schwartz


So I just realized that this new Star Wars animated series…could be an X-Wing show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE DEAR WARU.Nanci Schwartz
I’m about 80% done and I must say that Scourge has been a very pleasant surprise. #SWEU #WaruExpressBria
The Clone Wars
Thank you #CloneWars for beautiful art and scenes like this! #StarWars Rushing
Just updated my series recording settings on my DVR. Deleting 30 Rock and Star Wars: The Clone Wars hurt the most. :(Eric Goldman
It is time for well deserved drink. Hidalgo
Our #CloneWars post wrap party team goes to In-N-Out for a midnight bite. Our order number? One guess… Bradley Baker
In my heart #StarWars #CloneWars will always be remembered as the most talented cast & crew of any show on TV! May the Force Be With Filoni!Bonnie Burton

Star Wars life

Favorite at my nieces’ talent show: 6ish-year-old boy who chose the Imperial March / Star Wars theme for his piano piece.Cora
The reason I know about Roman numerals is because of Star Wars. #NerdTweet #TrueBuddy
My phone keeps trying to autocorrect “aw” to “SW” because apparently I talk about Star Wars that much.Kristin Hackett
My phone auto corrected to Jedi. You have learned well my padawan. #Starwarspaul depaola


worried the new Star Wars will never be able to live up the Angry Birds versionKira Bangs
Well, I’ll give this to the new pope. He doesn’t look like a Star Wars villain, so he’s got that going for him.KristinAHogan
"So… um, can we "kickstartering" Star Wars?" — someone at Disney, right this second, probablyScott Weinberg