Out this week: The return of Legacy

The new LegacyThe new Legacy #1 will be in comic stores tomorrow. Boasting an all-new creative team (Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman,) the new volume taes place after the events of Legacy: War but focuses on Ania Solo, the “great-great granddaughter” of Han and Leia.

If interest here is any indication – the posts on this series have been some of the most popular comics content on CJ to date – plenty of you are looking forward to this one.

In the meantime, there’s a new interview with Bechko and Hardman at Comicosity.

One Reply to “Out this week: The return of Legacy

  1. There was a lot to like about version 1 legacy. I did get annoyed with the relentlessness of GREY!JEDI!CADE! and also just with Cade in general. And, the Sith were sort of annoying too, although I’ve actually come to accept the Lost Tribe of the Sith as kind of a cool thing for the EU, many years on. But even with those complaints, there was a lot to like. I never finished the entire series, but that was because I had a kid and didn’t have money for comics anymore. I’ll pick it up in Omnibus someday.

    In some ways, I’m more excited for Legacy version 2.0, because of Ania Solo, and my hope that without Duursema/Ostrander the series may get a little less DARK!!/GREY!!.

    I feel almost bad about saying that, because I really do like Duursema and Ostrander. But their gritty perspective worked better for me in Republic and the Clone Wars time period than it did in Legacy, for some reason…

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