Poll: So we already know you want FOTJ…

The response to our Fate of the Jedi poll was pretty clear: Most of you (58%) are sure to be reading it, 24% are waiting to hear more before you decide, and only 19% have given up entirely (and/or were never big EU readers to begin with.) I’ll make a pretty pie chart after we finish our latest poll, though: Which of the other upcoming novels tickle your fancy the most? Vote below the cut or on the sidebar.

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4 Replies to “Poll: So we already know you want FOTJ…”

  1. Not a single one. How I wish it were otherwise. I might possibly flip through the KOTOR one. Maybe. I’m not the least bit interested in any of the others.

  2. Me too on None of the Above.
    I stopped after NJO, and this new batch look even less interesting than ever.
    MAYBE the Fett book…. maybe.

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