Official site looks towards the future

While we were gone, got a bit of a facelift. The front of the site is now driven by Flash, no doubt with an eye towards a that less news-driven site that Pablo has been mentioning lately. And from a designer’s standpoint, it sure is shiny… Like last time, the redesign process will be gradual, and for now most everything beyond the front is pretty familiar.

The biggest change, however, is the brand-new video section, which gathers all the site’s video content together in a slick Youtube-inspired interface. Or is that two brand-new video sections? Mashups features actual clips you can edit, remix, and upload right on the site, a huge step for any official site to make.

Overall I feel pretty positive towards the changes, and while I’ll miss the news-focus, I look forward to seeing what upgrades the rest of the site will get. It can’t all be Flash…

6 Replies to “Official site looks towards the future”

  1. Not hugely impressed with the new refreshed site – always liked the existing layout and while change is always good, this is a bit too clever for it’s own good me thinks.
    Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong, but moving focus from news to this is a dodgy move – why not expand the site to cover all aspects of the Force, not just the narrow, dogmatic view of the…sorry, went off on a tangent there.

  2. I know, Stooge. That’s what I’ve have bookmarked for years. But it doesn’t have as much as a presence on the new homepage, and stuff that’s on the homepage doesn’t always make it there now, like the C4 stuff and the Clone Wars video.

  3. and i do believe both the Clone Wars stuff and CIV news are in fact on the new home page. In fact, I’m looking at it right now.

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