Gate Geek – Videos and Treks

Catching up on life in Gate circles, here are a few tidbits to enjoy:
Dr. Keller’s romantic life – A video in which Jewel Staite confirms that there’s just a wee bit of stuff going on between Keller and Ronon in the second half of the season. (It’s a hard life to be an actress.)
– Jewel makes another video appearance on SciFi with the release of Part 2 of her fan Q&A. A little stuff for the Firefly fans in there, as well.
– And after being snubbed for the role of Scotty in the upcoming Star Trek film, it appears that Paul McGillion (Dr. Beckett) actually ended up getting a small role. I’m sure it had a lot to do with his skills as an actor, but probably just a wee bit to do with the outrage caused by his snub. Either way, congratulations to Paul! (via)
– An actual quote from Paul regarding Star Trek, as well as the bootleg promotional video from SciFi teasing his return in Season 4.