Gate Geek – Movies!

During a press conference for her series Sanctuary (debuting tonight on SciFi), Amanda Tapping told reporters that both the SG1 and SGA movies will be filming at the same time next year.  Sounds like they’re shooting for late spring or early summer.

Just like a big ol’ family reunion!

In the meantime, Mitch Pileggi (Colonel Caldwell) is glad for his time on Atlantis and other series, but still gets frustrated that he’s still associated with X-Files after all this time.  You’ll always be the Colonel to the Gate Geeks, Mitch!

And finally, a big ol’ juicy set of spoilery SGA pictures and some fangirlish squee on io9.  I’m totally with you, Meredith!

Gate Geek – Things to do while NOT at Comic-Con

In order to keep with the Comic-Con theme, I will actually start out with news from Comic-Con. Then I’ll go to stuff to entertain those of us not there, this week. (Not that I’m bitter, or anything.)

  • Stargate Continuum had its world premiere on Thursday. On the deck of a carrier. (How cool is that?)
  • Not to be outdone, Joe Mallozzi counterprograms with a guest appearance on his blog by VFX guru (and Emmy nominee) Mark Savela. Cool pictures and he brings clips!
  • GateWorld waits for Friday’s Stargate panels by posting an interview with the great Robert Picardo. A wee bit on the spoilery side, but Picardo’s just so much fun.
  • The official site posts a story about last week’s episode in which Jewel Staite talks about the joys of living in a latex cage for four days.
  • And, finally, Alex Levine gets Joe Mallozzi to share some of his excitement about tonight’s episode, Broken Ties. Jason Mamoa apparently gives a performance not to be missed.

Do Good of the Week – More auction fun!

This week’s geeky auction fun is brought to you by the Waterkeeper Alliance. Apparently there are a lot of celebrities who are supporting it, so dig on into it to see who’s offering. (Some mighty cool vacation opportunities, as well!)

Of geek interest:

How did they score so much geek cred? One of the organization’s biggest supporters is Richard Dean Anderson. He MacGyvered them into it, I’m sure.

Thanks to James and The Browncoats for the heads up!

Gate Geek – Videos and Treks

Catching up on life in Gate circles, here are a few tidbits to enjoy:
Dr. Keller’s romantic life – A video in which Jewel Staite confirms that there’s just a wee bit of stuff going on between Keller and Ronon in the second half of the season. (It’s a hard life to be an actress.)
– Jewel makes another video appearance on SciFi with the release of Part 2 of her fan Q&A. A little stuff for the Firefly fans in there, as well.
– And after being snubbed for the role of Scotty in the upcoming Star Trek film, it appears that Paul McGillion (Dr. Beckett) actually ended up getting a small role. I’m sure it had a lot to do with his skills as an actor, but probably just a wee bit to do with the outrage caused by his snub. Either way, congratulations to Paul! (via)
– An actual quote from Paul regarding Star Trek, as well as the bootleg promotional video from SciFi teasing his return in Season 4.

Gate Geek – Thelma and Louise Tonight

Tonight’s Stargate Atlantis episode is Missing an episode that producer Joe Mallozzi is calling “Stargate’s Thelma and Louise” as Teyla gets to kick some butt. (While already impressive, it’s made even more so knowing that Rachel Luttrell was already pregnant with her son at the time.)

He also tells the story of how Jewel Staite (formerly of Firefly fame and now playing Jennifer Keller) demonstrated her fearlessness by going out on a rope bridge very high up from the ground. (Yet another reason why I can never be an actor.)

Over on the official SciFi blog, it’s been announced that writer/producer Carl Binder is going out on strike with the US writers as he’s a member of the guild. I’m assuming this means we’ll be waiting for Carl’s wonderful stories towards the end of next season? (The rest of the writing staff belong to the Canadian guild and are still working.)

SGA This Friday. News at Eleven.

So it looks like a full-court press for Stargate Atlantis, this year. Both MGM and SciFi have been offering up the interviews and press events to get the word out that the new season of Stargate Atlantis starts this Friday at 10pm, Eastern, on SciFi.

A round-up of the coverage:
Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) can be found on GateWorld, SyFyPortal and MultiChannelJewel Staite (formerly of Firefly, now Dr. Keller) shares the love with GateWorld.

– And Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan) shares some broad stroke story tidbits and her surprise at how well the producers took the news of her pregnancy.