Gate Geek – Thelma and Louise Tonight

Tonight’s Stargate Atlantis episode is Missing an episode that producer Joe Mallozzi is calling “Stargate’s Thelma and Louise” as Teyla gets to kick some butt. (While already impressive, it’s made even more so knowing that Rachel Luttrell was already pregnant with her son at the time.)

He also tells the story of how Jewel Staite (formerly of Firefly fame and now playing Jennifer Keller) demonstrated her fearlessness by going out on a rope bridge very high up from the ground. (Yet another reason why I can never be an actor.)

Over on the official SciFi blog, it’s been announced that writer/producer Carl Binder is going out on strike with the US writers as he’s a member of the guild. I’m assuming this means we’ll be waiting for Carl’s wonderful stories towards the end of next season? (The rest of the writing staff belong to the Canadian guild and are still working.)