Gate Geek – The Season Cometh

Only a couple more weeks until Season 5!  So the newsbits are flying fast and furious.

To start this out with some amusement, the latest Super Fan video is up on the official site.  Big stunts with this one.

Super Fan Contest host, Martin Gero, talks with GateWorld.  In it, we get some slightly spoilery (although not overly so) discussion about the overall storyline, some teasing about Episode 100 and a small discussion about being inadvertently sucked into the middle of a political battle because of his new movie‘s name and content.

Someone who is willing to be spoilery is E! Watch with Kristin who, along with thousands of other fans, has found out the basic gist of what happens in the season opener.

Those screeners are getting a lot of traffic, but producer Joe Mallozzi understands.  He tries to prevent it, but he understands.

Atlantis comes back July 11th.