Gate Geek – Scandal Rocks the Franchise

Whether or not you watch Stargate, you’ve probably heard that Stargate Universe is a very different entry for the franchise.  This has been met with both extensive praise and much gnashing of teeth

WB didn’t do terribly much to help their cause when they insulted the existing fans with their press release announcing a new demographic was being targeted.  Oh.  And did we mention this came out the day after they cancelled Stargate Atlantis?  This started a wave of angst at levels not previously seen in the franchise.  (And fans are capable of some great levels of angst.)  One can assume (or at least hope) this was not intended as an insult, but that’s how it was received.

The cast and crew have done quite a bit to reach out to the fans with a whole-sale assault on Twitter and Facebook.  But unfortunately, the segment of fandom who can’t seem to phrase an opinion without a personal attack have gone after these folks in a major way; forcing one of the main actors (Brian J. Smith) to decide he’s stepping away from an online presence.  (Definitely for the hiatus.  Possibly longer.)

Producer Joe Mallozzi, who has long allowed people to express a certain level of these opinions on his blog, has spoken out about this.  He stands up for his cast and crew (and their families) and reminds people that you don’t have to like a show, but you don’t personally attack the Stargate family.

To that I say “Bravo.”  Enjoying the anonymity of being online is no excuse for not behaving with civility.

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  1. I agree whole heartedly. Even though I don’t agree that cancelling Stargate Atlantis or SG1 was needed (or welcome) I don’t think personally attacking the cast or crew or SGU will ever fix that. Besides, SGU is a good show, with a slightly different writing style but still has all the charm and humour that we’ve come to know and love from the Stargate franchise. To the cast, crew and families of SGU: keep up the excellent work. Here’s to many more seasons!

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