Fine furry cannibals: Last week’s best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets

…I don’t think folks are going to stop talking about this Episode VII thing anytime soon, guys.

#StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Nov. 5-11

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Ewoks cook their prisoners & use the helmets of dead stormtroopers as drums. You say "space teddy bears", I say "war criminals" #starwarsSteve Death
I hope they do remakes of original Star Wars movies and convert the anger it generates in fans into clean energy to power our cities.Eugene Mirman
Now that George Lucas has sold Star Wars, he can concentrate on his true calling… Dancing With the Stars.Steven Anne
It’s been a good week for people who can lazily shoehorn a Disney reference into anything Star Wars.Peter Atencio
There was some sort of election going on as well:
Was it just me or was there no "Star Wars" Director section of the ballot? @firstshowing @slashfilmBenjamin Eck
Han Solo lets Nate Silver tell him the odds. #natesilverfactsAlexandra Petri

Episode VII / Disney Star Wars

Michael Arndt is writing Episode VII of Star Wars. I really hope it’s Toy Story characters reenacting the original movies.Corey Ranes
Disney’s profits up 14% after buying Star Wars. Hokey promotions & ancient marketing are no match for a good acquisition at your side, kidWill East
Seriously, if I see one more article worrying about Episode VII having strong female characters…THIS IS STAR WARS. WE’RE ON IT.Jennifer Heddle
So with Episode VII in the future, does that mean Weird Al is going to write a parody pieced together by Internet spoilers again?Brian
Just noticed during credits of UP, pic of the old man and boy by a cinema that says ‘STAR WARS’!!? #disneystarwars
Asking Spielberg to make the next Star Wars is like dating your ex-girlfriend’s sister.Chase Ehmm
I wonder if they’ll have the new hero be Han and Leia’s kid. Which means I’m getting my "Girl Meets World" news mixed up with my Star Wars.Joanna Robinson


I do think that SWEU novelists should be given cameo roles in the new movies as X-wing pilots. Now THAT would work for me. #xwingxtrasMichael A Stackpole
This is exactly why the other Imperials stopped going to @AdmiralDaala’s holiday parties. Jade Skywalker
Reading these Rogue Squadron omnibuses really makes me want a Rogue Squadron TV show. Make it happen Disney. It’ll be the new Battlestar.Brian
I love when people bash the #SWEU by calling it fan fiction. I don’t think that means what you think it means. (Also, Sun of Suns >>> FotJ.)Nancipants
"Luke is King Arthur, and at a certain point King Arthur should be staying on his throne and sending his knights out." – Aaron Allston #SWEUAaron Goins

The #CloneWars

David Tennant has such a great voice for voiceover. I’m loving this droid. #CloneWarsAaron Goins

Star Wars Angry Birds!

I sense a great disturbance in my productivity, and it’s called Angry Birds Star Wars. #uselesstoresistRichard Skanse
One of my favorite parts of Star Wars Angry Birds is the subtle use of original Star Wars sound effects where you least expect them.Matt Dougherty
It’s gonna be really creepy in Angry Birds ESB when you find out that a pig is bird Luke’s father.Matt Hofmann

Star Wars life

When a girl says, "I think we should talk," it’s never about Star Wars.GuyCodes
You’d be surprised…
I don’t remember the Sand People in Star Wars being the highlight of the film. So why do these 80’s B-Movie ripoffs keep having them?Michael Troutman
A group of teenage boys are being loud and obnoxious on the the train, but they’re super nerds so it’s kind of entertaining. #starwarsMo Foley
I don’t know why but for some reason my grandma decided my family is dressing up like Star Wars characters or Thanksgiving. #canwebenormalTrent Anderson


The downside of Disney buying Lucasfilm? The Jar Jar and Goofy roommate sitcom.Anthony Schiavino
"Ugh, can you believe they got GEORGE LUCAS to write Star Wars Episode IV?" – the one guy on the Internet in 1975DC Pierson
Something no one has asked about #DisneyStarWars deal – will the Disney vault now be made out of carbonite?One Hot Second
In some forum somewhere, someone is hoping Episode VII gets really serious on its depiction of mega joule output of turbolasers. #prioritiesPablo Hidalgo

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  1. I would watch a Jar Jar / Goofy sitcom. Okay, it depends who would do it, but I love the idea. It’s so Kingdom Hearts-y. ;)

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