Who could direct Episode VII? No word yet, but lots of possible candidates

Now that we have a writer for Episode VII, our next likely announcement will be the director – and there are lots of possible candidates floating around. So let’s thank Empire for creating a handy chart of who’s ruled themselves out, who’s dancing around the possibility, and a whole lot of wild cards. (via)

Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas talked about some of what they’re looking for in a director in a video released last week.

Meanwhile, Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall, Kennedy’s husband, says that they’ve narrowed it down to “a couple of candidates.”

2 Replies to “Who could direct Episode VII? No word yet, but lots of possible candidates”

  1. And the Red Tails director is missing again. Why? Sure, Red Tails sucked (okay, that’s an imho thing), but a) that wasn’t his fault and b) he worked with LFL and Lucas and c) he did what was described as the Episode 7 we’d never see.
    Now I’m rooting for Brad Bird, but I wouldn’t rule Anthony Hemingway out just yet.

  2. Brad Bird could, I think, make an exceptional Star Wars movie, and I would love to know that they are focusing on directors like him: Capable of balancing wonderful visuals and action with strong performances and stories.

    I know that he’s probably not a big enough name, and would likely not go for it, but is it bad for me to wish for freakishly talented Bowie-spawn Duncan Jones (of Moon and Source Code)?

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