Etsy scavenger: Things to wear and carry

The Darth Vader garter was the Star Wars hit of #estyday on Twitter. Who knew? [Darth Vader Garter by Kizette, $22.50.]

It’s a bit pricey, but this bracelet is my favorite #etsyday find. [Star Wars Charm Bracelet by Artista Muerta, $48.]

There are an awful lot of t-shirts on Etsy, but I found this one rather charming. [Graf Vader by Workplay, $15.]

No Etsy roundup is complete without a bag! [Flowers for Alderaan Purse by DAME Creations, $22.]

2 Replies to “Etsy scavenger: Things to wear and carry”

  1. Thank you so much for linking our Flowers for Alderaan purse!

    I love the other Star Wars stuff, too–that Vader garter is beyond awesome.

    Meg (half of DAME Creations)

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