Dude, where’s my dianoga? Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for Dec 10-16

Last week, Twitter got even more in a holiday mood with Dave Filoni’s grumpy Santa, annual viewings of the Holiday Special and the rest.

Best #StarWars tweets for Dec 10-16

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Only thing I wanted from the Star Wars prequels: learn who threw out a perfectly good one-eyed space monster on the Death Star.Gerry Duggan
Replacing all my light switches with dimmers. Only the Sith deal in absolutes. #StarWarsJimbo Dawkins
Bad Santa. Great day. http://pic.twitter.com/qfw9MRDDColum Slevin
I was interested in seeing the #StarWars Christmas special. Then Scott played a snippet of it. Not enough bleach to scrub out that image.Anthony Zuchegna
My sister’s 3 favorite #StarWars characters, all knitted by @MrDibbs’ sister. Topping this gift will be very difficult. http://pic.twitter.com/Pyu0vsCbSage Francis
The office Anakin is looking serious and festive. #starwars. http://pic.twitter.com/pIQpZNALMatt Dougherty
You know, if I were to have done the Star Wars prequels, it would be revealed that the Empire is the distant descendent of Starfleet.Aaron Diaz
The Hallmark Vader Santa is hilarious. He keeps mocking you about presents. I love sarcasm in an ornament. #starwars http://pic.twitter.com/iUHvsZrnrosiewook

Episode VII

I have this Cease and Desist letter from The Lawyers at Lucasfilm BEFORE they were sold to Disney…I wonder if it’s worth anything?Gary Edmund
I guess in the end we’ll always think of George Lucas as the one who brought bank balance to the Force.Sebas
Dear lord these fan-written Episode VII synopses are worse than the worst fanfic.Nancipants

The Expanded Universe

Approved a title today for a book you guys don’t know about yet. #cryptic #thatshowirollJennifer Heddle
Just wrote: "Chewie’s flipping switches on the ceiling", cuz that’s what he does.Brian Wood
To celebrate Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day I brought to work #StarWars novels and videos to let people borrow. http://pic.twitter.com/kr74HDBJAaron Goins
Only in a #SWEU book will you see words like ‘galactopolitan’. #waruexpressBria
When I search Goodreads for "Scoundrels" I get almost all romance novels. #SWEUAaron Goins
If you read about the Star Wars Expanded Universe enough, it starts to all look like PortugueseSteve Hummer
Office being painted red and white. Wish someone was expanded-universe-entrenched enough to get a joke about the Errant Venture.Anna Jao
If you can discuss the intricate details of the expanded Star Wars universe… that is a deal un-breaker, ladies.Joseph the Smeghead

Star Wars life

This is what George Lucas gave to all of his 2000+ employees at #Lucasfilm. What did you get at work for #Xmas? http://pic.twitter.com/LpUfA2u3Lady Geek


#NHL announced further cancellations including Christmas, rest of Hanukkah, Kwanza, booty calls after 2am & release of #StarWars VII.Curtis Simmons
NEWS: Angry Birds Movie to be released in 2016, to be followed by an Angry Birds Star Wars film “every two to three years”, Lucasfilm says.Julian Louis Blair
Last night I was like "ohhh my hobbit costume is underneath my Han Solo costume" and then I was like "maybe I should make different choices"Julia Santo
Since the ‘Star Wars’ prequels, Jar Jar reduced to working from a seedy office in St Kilda: http://pic.twitter.com/R9qzulzvTony Martin
$10 says the reason common folk can’t go deep into the White House is because it holds the plans for the Death Star #calledit #StarWarsBasic Barb

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