UChicago’s Indiana Jones package mystery solved!

Last week, I reported on a mysterious package that ended up at the University of Chicago for Indiana Jones – it turns out that the mystery of the Lost Ark’s journal has been solved! UChicago’s Admissions Tumblr reports that the package was indeed a replica prop from eBay being sent from Guam to Italy, when it fell out of its packaging in Hawaii – and since the interior “package” appeared to be legitimate with an address, it made its way to the university.

The University has been allowed to keep the replica prop, while the journal’s maker will create a replacement for the original intended recipient. Most likely, the postal service opened up the package because it was leaving a red line around the globe as it traveled.

3 Replies to “UChicago’s Indiana Jones package mystery solved!”

  1. Interesting end to the tale- glad they got an answer and it is still a fun story. How often do you receive packages from legendary characters full of bits and pieces of related items? Doesn’t happen to me very often, if like, ever… *pout*

    Anyways- thanks to the internet for bringing the solution together. If I was heading there for school, I think first thing I’d do on campus is find it and check it out myself.

  2. eliz: step 1 to receiving mail for legendary characters: have an address that it would be sent to. best bet: get your street renamed Baker St, and set yourself up at 221B ;)

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