Discussion post: The Last Jedi

I’m not sure if there’s really any call for a discussion post on a blog these days (and I’m heading out to my second showing any minute now) but for those who want to start… Have at it! Spoilers ARE allowed, obviously.

It’s the night before Star Wars, and George Lucas has weighed in

The Last Jedi script originally called for 160 sets, which is “a ridiculous amount of sets,” production designer Rick Heinrichs told The Hollywood Reporter. The production ended up having 125 sets at Pinewood. He also reveals that George Lucas visited the set… And on that note, he’s seen the movie as well, calling it “beautifully made.” In London, Rian Johnson said: “To have a chat with him and to have him be so kind and gracious felt really good.”

StarWars.com has the first excerpt of Cobalt Squadron, a middle-grade novel that features The Last Jedi’s Rose and Paige Tico. The book by Elizabeth Wein (Code Name Verity) will be out Friday.

This week’s Star Wars Show takes us back to the World Premiere with a behind-the-scenes look at creating the livestream.

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Review roundup: (Almost) everyone is all-in for The Last Jedi

There are a lot of commonalities in The Last Jedi’s reviews: It’s better, or at the very least more daring than The Force Awakens, the performances are great, it’s much funnier than the marketing would have you expect, the franchise has changed forever but who cares, the middle sags a little… But even the negative review(s?) still maintain that this is a fun one. (With or without a hefty dose of “best since Empire!” which become the cliche back when The Force Awakens was still racking up ticket sales.) So head under the cut for my favorites (unless you’re scared of even the tinest spoiler, in which case, move along. Yes, some of these do hint at plot points.)

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Today in The Last Jedi: Rian Johnson goes long, Louboutins up for auction

There a new, wide-ranging interview with writer/director Rian Johnson over at StarWars.com today. Topics include porgs (naturally,) Snoke’s red room/gold robe, and why there hasn’t been much of Finn in the marketing. There’s also a super charming cast interview over at the New York Times.

The charity auction for the custom Louboutins has begin. (Currently in the lead is the Amilyn, for $9,500, followed by Rey, Rose and Phasma.) In true collector fashion, each auction winner will come away with two pairs of the shoe – one signed by Christian Louboutin and the actress, and a second “in the size of your choice” – which means yes, you CAN wear them.

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