Big, Fantastic Books!

I’m all for the big Star Wars books. They usually contain such great detail and images. However, I have to admit I’m pleased that two new books coming from DK will not be appearing until October. I don’t think my wallet could take the strain of yet more books releasing in April!

To that end, this October will bring us Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide (600 images!) and Star Wars: Complete Locations. They’re both packed with stuff from all six episodes.

Life is good!

More Chronicles from Steve and Pablo

Ahh…this book collector is very happy! Looks like we’ll be getting two new Chronicles books: one one the posters and one giving the Chronicles treatment to the Prequels.

Chronicle Books is the company that brings us those really cool coffee table books like the super-huge Star Wars Chronicles. They know how to do the big books correctly.

Best of all, these two books are being authored by Steve Sansweet and Pablo Hidalgo. And we know they know their stuff.

You’ll have to wait until the end of the year, though, to see them.


Canon-Bending, yay!

I don’t know about anyone else, but the EU item I’m most looking forward to right now is Visionaries. Having long been a fan of alternate universes and concept art, this looks like it may be the one of most original things to come out of Dark Horse in years. Having the actual concept artists along for the ride can’t hurt either.

Dark Nest hints

And in the sea of prequel news, we get a small peek at the EU future… Sue Rostoni posted a bit from the cover copy of The Swarm War, first book of Troy Denning’s Dark Nest Trilogy:

As for Luke, he will have to prove, in a lightning display of Force strength and swordsmanship, that he is — beyond a shadow of a doubt — the greatest Jedi Master in the galaxy.

See it straight from the source here. Rostoni also said we should be seeing the book’s cover (and presumably, the full blurb) within a month.

Wantons, clear your shelves…

April brings a lot of Star War novels – now you can update your list with one more. The Desperate Mission, first book of The Last of the Jedi series by Jude Watson, will be released April 2nd:

Obi-Wan Kenobi is in hiding, mourning the loss of his fellow Jedi, and devastated by the betrayal of his former Padawan. He has been tasked to watch over and protect a young child who may hold the key to the galaxy’s salvation.

But when Obi-Wan finds out that a former Jedi apprentice has survived, he must make a painful decision: whether to stay on Tatooine to preserve the future of the Jedi, or voyage into the heart of the Empire on one last desperate mission.

Also on the official site: An interview with James Luceno on Labyrinth of Evil.

Tales of the scroll

Now Playing magazine has an interview with Genndy Tartakovsky about the upcoming episodes of Clone Wars:

“After the first batch we were all exhausted, and we were starting to move on to do other things,” explains the animator. “And then all of a sudden we were contacted that they wanted to do another batch. And I wasn’t really interested in doing another one because I thought, ‘Well, it’s really hard.’ And I thought more Clone Wars is not going to be as interesting. But then I met with George and he told me he wanted to do a story where it ties in exactly to the beginning of Episode III, and that got me excited because it seemed like it’s really part of the mythology, and it’s coming from George himself — that he respected [Clone Wars] so much that he wanted us to tell the story of the scroll from Episode III.”

EU Mysteries Revealed: Luke’s horrible hair

If there’s one thing that Episode 3 previews have taught us, it’s that fashion moves at a snail’s pace in the galaxy far, far away. This happens to explain something that’s been bothering EU fans since Union:

What the hell is up with Luke’s hair?

Finally, we have an answer! It may be more than a decade after Return of the Jedi, but GFFA fashion is still on 1987:

For shame!