The Complete Visual Dictionary looks pretty neat, although I thought we already had one of those…

“Visits to Rancho Obi-Wan,” a Hyperspace exclusive video series about collecting with Steve Sansweet, starts next week.

Lucasfilm’s Senior Model Maker Don Bies is the latest VIP blogger. Dark Horse’s John Ostrander and Jan Duursema have also been spotted on the message boards.

Current scores on the Fan Club President Race: Uscwannabe 77, Dustin Roberts 68.

More on the Legacy comic

Dark Horse Editor Randy Stradley wrote a bit on the upcoming comic series, including a first look at some of Cade Skywalker’s buddies who I assume to be the Deliah Blue and Jeriah mentioned. Cade himself looks a bit less Billy Idol/Rambo in this take, although he seems to have a bit of a Garfunkel hair problem. It’s up for grabs which of the Sith is this delightful Darth Talon fellow.

My buddy McEwok thinks Cade is looking a tad like the lead singer of Coldplay. Hmm. He actually looks kind of Solo-ish to me, but maybe it’s just the trench/gun combo. Or the nose. I can’t decide.

Oh wow…

The cover of Darth Bane: Path of Destruction is awesome. It’s by John Jude Palencar, one of those fantasy artists whose work I like but never expected to see on a Star Wars cover.

We’ve also got names for book 4 and 5 of Legacy – #4 is Exile and #5 is Sacrifice, by Allston and Traviss respectively.

And for you NJO fans, Hyperspace is now running Greg Keyes’ Emissary of the Void, a six-part story previously printed in Star Wars Gamer and the Insider.

Adventures in Audiocasting

Latest audiocast (Hyperspace members only) is a look at Star Wars publishing and an interview with Troy Denning.

Mostly it’s a short interview by Jacob Bronstein, executive producer of SW audiobooks, with a few clips from the Dark Nest audiobooks.

Troy talks at length about the Killiks – from inspiration to whether he’s really a bug-lover; putting characters in mortal danger (surprise suprise, he enjoys it;) and who he considers the coolest characters. (The answer may surprise you.)

Overall, the interview was interesting enough. I could really have done without the audiobook clips, though. I can’t stand the things: they get way too melodramatic, and the heavy descriptive passages read outloud are… vexing. I don’t know if this series will be worth getting Hyperspace for, but if you have it already, it can’t hurt to try. Especially if you have a much higher audiobook tolerance than me.