LOTF: Exile excerpt

Sue Rostoni has posted a short bit from Aaron’s next SW book. It lurks under the cut!

“I’ll go now. I can find my way out.” With a final bow to the Jedi Masters, Jag turned — correctly, Luke noted, despite the many twists and turns their walk had taken them through, toward the Temple’s main entrance — and stode away, pulling his hood up as he walked.

Mara watched him go and shook her head. “That’s a man with not enough to live for.”

“He’ll bounce back, ” Luke said. “He’s young.” He fingered the device Jag had given him. “C’mon. Let’s see if Cilghal is still up.”

Returning to the Temple from a late errand, Jaina passed the lone Jedi performing guard duty at the building’s wide-open main entrance and walked into the main corridor.

Just leaving was a man wrapped up in a dark cloak. He kept to the left side of the corridor, away from her, not even appearing to notice her. She hesitated as they came abreast of each other, his upright posture, military bearing, and the unconscious arrogance of his stride causing bells to sound in her memory.

When he was one step past her she stopped and turned her head to look at him. “Jag?”

Legacy of the Force: Exile (#4) comes out in paperback at the end of February.