Movie News: Goblet of Fire, Serenity, and more

Actress Julie Walters confirms that there will be no Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire adaptation.

A second test screening of Joss Whedon’s Serenity took place last week. Unlike the first screening, the audience consisted of many who weren’t Firefly fans, and AICN has a few of their comments. The film is currently set to open in September.

Producer Robert Tapert addresses fan concerns over the Evil Dead remake.

Stellan Skarsg

Celebs at Celebration

Nick Gillard, Lucasfilm’s swordmaster and stunt coordinator for the prequels, will be at CIII. No events have been announced yet, but hopefully it’s not inconceivable that a demonstration will be involved.

We don’t have actual names, but C2 Ventures, who are responsible for bring autographing Star Wars celebrities to Celebration II and GenCon, will be back for Celebration III next April. They’ll be providing early hours for Fan Club members.

Wantons, clear your shelves…

April brings a lot of Star War novels – now you can update your list with one more. The Desperate Mission, first book of The Last of the Jedi series by Jude Watson, will be released April 2nd:

Obi-Wan Kenobi is in hiding, mourning the loss of his fellow Jedi, and devastated by the betrayal of his former Padawan. He has been tasked to watch over and protect a young child who may hold the key to the galaxy’s salvation.

But when Obi-Wan finds out that a former Jedi apprentice has survived, he must make a painful decision: whether to stay on Tatooine to preserve the future of the Jedi, or voyage into the heart of the Empire on one last desperate mission.

Also on the official site: An interview with James Luceno on Labyrinth of Evil.

The Slash Writes Itself

HoYay, a term that’s short for “Homoeroticism Yay!” makes the mainstream press. The term originated on Television Without Pity‘s Angel boards, and has spread far and wide across fandom, most notably Smallville, Lost and any program that regularly features sweaty, half-naked men having more UST with each other than the female leads.

Livejournal research (erm, my friendsfriends list) uncovers the reaction of the terms originator, Deeablo. Her entry describing the origin of the term reveals this hilarious graphic from the early days of Angel

Merchandise from Left Field

Not as bizarre as the Star Wars window blinds, but Lightsaber Pendants? For $200 a pop? Really? Ladies, can you honestly see yourself wearing these? Because I honestly can’t see dropping almost enough money to score an iPod on something nonfunctional that screams “I’m a huge geek.” People are going to know that the minute I open my mouth.