Beware of geek

Advertising industry site Adotas ponders if techies are the new creatives:

In roughly the time since “Star Wars” was released, the way the world works, thinks and transacts has been revolutionized by technological innovation. In that same time the film business has barely moved on from the story-telling pattern set by “Star Wars” itself – a narrative revolution created by another inspired, informed and slightly geeky individual, George Lucas. As a matter of fact, the most significant innovations in film-making during this time have been the extension of the special effects tools to the digital realm by the same sort of inspired, informed and slightly geeky individuals that are building the technology revolution in the rest of the world. Indeed, Photoshop, the now industry standard image processing software, was created in part by John Knoll – a special effects maestro at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic.

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