And we thought it smelled bad on the outside…

TFN pimps A Great Disturbance.

Several of us watched this ‘mockumentry’ Sunday night at JadeCon. It was… to put it lightly… not very good. It was actually rather painfully unfunny, and not a ‘offensive’ way. (Let’s face it – we love mocking, and certainly the fandom is ripe for it, but A Great Disturbance is not the mockumentry you’re looking for.) You don’t have to take my word for it, but I implore you not to waste your hard-earned $10.

Positive… Um… The opening credits were well-done? And Phil is in it for like two seconds, in the background laughing his head off while Jar-Jar and anti-Gungan factions taunt each other. And we had truffles. They were really good truffles.