And we thought it smelled bad on the outside…

TFN pimps A Great Disturbance.

Several of us watched this ‘mockumentry’ Sunday night at JadeCon. It was… to put it lightly… not very good. It was actually rather painfully unfunny, and not a ‘offensive’ way. (Let’s face it – we love mocking, and certainly the fandom is ripe for it, but A Great Disturbance is not the mockumentry you’re looking for.) You don’t have to take my word for it, but I implore you not to waste your hard-earned $10.

Positive… Um… The opening credits were well-done? And Phil is in it for like two seconds, in the background laughing his head off while Jar-Jar and anti-Gungan factions taunt each other. And we had truffles. They were really good truffles.

C3 Wrapup

I’m sorry for not blogging the last few days of C3, but.. well. Busy is an understatement, and I’m saying this with a Volunteer badge. Most of the stuff from the EU panels is already out on the internet – I’d give you links now but I find working with touchpads a mild form of torture. When I return to the world of mice tomorrow I’ll get it together. However…

1. George Lucas. Not much new info, but that wasn’t really the point. He confirmed the whole TV show thing for the fifth or sixth time. (Is anyone still surprised?) but now we get details: Clone Wars will get to be a real boy (in 3D) and the live-action series will come about a year after that and be set between ROTS and ANH.

2. Legacy of Force, aka the post-NJO nine book series we’ve all heard about. There’s a metric ton about this on the internet already and I couldn’t possibly remember everything.

3. Timothy Zahn had a panel today – lots of obvious questions, but we did find out that his classic trilogy novel will be set right after ANH, involve both Luke and Mara but NOT together. NO THRAWN, praise the Emperor.

Saw the new footage again. Natalie Portman sure is getting a lot of mileage out of that one expression.

Is there more? Probably. But my brain has turned to mush.

Warm up those wallets…

Have you been saving your Republic credits? Because Lucasfilms’ licensees have a lot in store for you, this year:

The Celebration 3 Exclusive Figure

The Official Pix license awarded to C2 Ventures

The new line of stickers from Mello Smello (alas, not scratch’n’sniff)

The Hallmark Ornaments for 2005

The ROTS Topps Cards (Spoilers abound!)

This just adds to the list that includes the previously announced books, action figures and the rather nifty, yet oh-so-pricey, window blinds.

Must start playing the lottery, again.