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Always in motion, the future: Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for May 13-20

@mattmikalatos: "Dad, do Luke and Leia get married?" At first I thought to say no, but then I thought, "Well... episode VII is still coming." Who knows?

Last week’s best tweets bled over into Monday, because I’m sure you don’t want to wait a whole week for the Rebels stuff, right? Also: We saw Star Trek Into Darkness, the first week of Star Wars Weekends is a thing that happened, and Artoos invaded Lucasfilm. All that and more under the cut.

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Gardening on Alderaan: Best #StarWars, #CloneWars and #SWEU tweets for March 18-24

@swankmotron: Anytime anyone tells me something is getting cancelled, I'm just going to say, "No, man. It's just moving to Disney XD."

This week, fandom launched an effort to #SaveTheCloneWars, Star Destroyers appeared in a cunning disguise of clouds and farmboy grammar was considered. Also, what is that pocket on the back of Han’s vest? Wookieepedians, I summon you! Until then…

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