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Ice and camels: Dispatches from the Episode VII cast

John Boyega particularly has been very sharey this week… Nothing particularly sensitive, but it is fun to get these quick glimpses. More Instagrams and tweets beneath the cut – including, finally, confirmation that that is Daisy Ridley’s Twitter. (If the photo wasn’t enough…)

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This is madness: Best #StarWars, #SWEU and #Episode VII tweets for Dec. 30 – Jan. 12

No, I haven’t forgotten about the Twitter roundups, I was just busy freezing, falling and not being able to sit in a desk chair for several days. It was fantastic! In any case, the roundup is back, and it’s been busy. This installment covers the latest rumors, Marvel/Dark Horse and, of course, the ever-present freaking out whenever anyone mentions the Lucasfilm Story Group. Brace yourselves.

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