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Heir to the Empire annotation #9: What would Karrde drive?

Things go a bit random with our ninth look at Timothy Zahn’s annotations for the anniversary edition of Heir to the Empire.

“Someone asked me once what kind of modern-day car Karrde would drive. I told him that it would probably be a nice, simple, family-style sedan or minivan. A Toyota or Ford maybe … with a Lamborghini V-12 engine tucked away under the hood.”

Also on the Star Wars Books Facebook this week, a mockup of the new Heir covers.

The release of Heir to the Empire: 20th Anniversary Edition was recently pushed back to September 13.

Heir to the Empire annotation #8: Not quite ship-shape

Our eighth preview of Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire annotations takes on the state of the Imperial fleet. There’s not a doubt in my mind that thisis from the first chapter.

I wanted to set up the Fleet as having suffered during the chaos and retreat of the years since Endor, slipping back from the generally efficient war machine shown in the movies to something less polished. Lieutenant Tschel was an example of the eager but inexperienced crewers that the Empire now had to whip into fighting shape, contrasting with Captain Pellaeon.

Heir to the Empire: 20th Anniversary Edition will be out in hardcover June 28.

New audio coming for Heir to the Empire anniversary?

NJOE discovered a new listing for an audiobook download called Heir to the Empire: Behind the Scenes. Set for release the same day as the annotated novel, the audio listing carries the subtitle of ‘An Expanded Universe is Born’ and credits for both author Timothy Zahn and the book’s original editor, Betsy Mitchell.

I suspect this will end up containing an interview/discussion about the book and it’s long-ranging influences of the Expanded Universe. Or, if we look to the new audiobook art lurking in the Random House database – a new, unabridged recording. (The image credits Marc Thompson as the reader — according to Wookieepedia — Denis Lawson read an abridged version back in the day.) We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure!

Heir to the Empire annotation #7: Pronunciation

Foreign pronunciation issues arise in our seventh preview of Tim Zahn’s Heir to the Empire annotations:

A small thing that I never would have anticipated, and never even knew before I was invited to a Star Wars convention in Munich: The “thr” combination apparently doesn’t exist in German, or so I was told. German Star Wars fans therefore have terrific difficulty pronouncing Thrawn’s name.

Pronunciation issues are fairly common in these books, even in English: Is it Mar-uh or Mare-ah? (Trust me: It’s Mar-uh.) How do you say C’baoth? Fey’lya? Damn apostrophes.

Heir to the Empire: 20th Anniversary Edition will be out in hardcover June 28.

Heir to the Empire annotation #6: Pellaeon

Our sixth preview of Tim Zahn’s Heir to the Empire annotations features the origin of Gilad Pellaeon’s name:

Pellaeon, by the way, was named after Pelleas, an idealistic young knight in the King Arthur mythos.

Although Pellaeon was never as flashy a character as Thrawn or Mara, he did go on to be a staple for much of the post-ROTJ EU.

As for those who fear that they’re burning off all the annotations on Facebook before the book is even out, Del Rey’s David Pomerico says in the comments that there will be nearly 200 in the whole book – and I believe we’re only getting 14.

Heir to the Empire: 20th Anniversary Edition will be out in hardcover June 28.

Heir to the Empire re-release pushed back a week

On Facebook this morning, editor Erich Shoeneweiss says the release date for the Heir to the Empire 20th anniversary edition is now June 28 – just a week past the original date of June 21.

This is a fairly minor reajustment in the scheme of things, but hey – this is Heir to the Empire we’re talking about. Our book release schedule has been updated.

Heir to the Empire annotation #4: A larger galaxy

StarWarsBooks brings us our fourth Timothy Zahn annotation from the 20th anniversary edition of Heir to the Empire:

One of the subtle tricks George used in the Star Wars movies was to show us only a few different planets, but to then use throwaway mentions of others along the way, thus giving us a feel for a much larger galaxy than we were actually seeing. I wanted to continue that technique by throwing in short visits to lots of different worlds such as Bimmisaari.

The new edition will be out in hardcover June 21.

First Heir to the Empire annotation: Star Destroyers

The Star Wars Books Facebook page posted their first excerpt from the annotations of the Heir to the Empire 20th anniversary edition.

“Each of the three classic Star Wars movies includes a Star Destroyer in its opening scene. All of my Rebellion-era books do the same.” — Timothy Zahn

Okay, so many of us have reread the Thrawn trilogy dozens/hundreds of times and are already pretty familiar with this. But Del Rey says in the comments: “They get longer…just wanted to get everyone’s feet wet.” One down, 13 to go!

The annotated edition will be released June 21.

Heir to the Empire anniversary edition cover, details confirmed: Metallic cover, introduction from Zahn

The new information pretty much lines up with what Del Rey’s Erich Schoeneweiss told the EUCast earlier in the month, but we do get a title for the new Thrawn novella – and word of an introduction from Timohy Zahn:

Del Rey Books is publishing a commemorative edition hardcover of Heir to the Empire, with commentary-style annotations by Zahn and other behind-the-scenes people responsible for making the book a reality. Zahn will also pen an introduction to the book.

The book features a reflective jacket (fitting for the book’s platinum anniversary) and also has a specially printed version of the original cover underneath. It will include a new Zahn novella, Crisis of Faith, featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn. Heir to the Empire: The 20th Anniversary Edition is due out from Del Rey on June 21, 2011.

EUbits: Grant Gould’s ‘Thrawn Legacy’

Namesake corner. Artist Grant Gould did a Thrawn trilogy/Tron: Legacy mashup for the cover of his 2011 sketchbook. I LOL’ed.

I gotta see how they managed that. Apparently there’s a full-color excerpt from the Knight Errant comic in the Knight Errant novel. The paperback. It’s on glossy paper, but is it readable at that size? I guess we’ll find out. Maybe we should ask author John Jackson Miller, since he’s taking questions and all.

Map love. Entertainment Weekly dug up the galaxy map from The Essential Atlas, so it’s been making the rounds. Again! Oh, internets.

Comics. Dark Horse has posted a preview for Legacy: War #2.

Review. Book Legion says Year by Year is the “best Star Wars book to date.”