New excerpts, look inside new Heir to the Empire

As the new edition of Heir to the Empire approaches, so does a flood of excerpts and extras and the like. Today we have an excerpt from the audiobook (via) and a text one featuring actual pages. (And a chance to win an actual copy.)

3 Replies to “New excerpts, look inside new Heir to the Empire

  1. I see they kept “Obi-wan” as it was in the original edition, rather than correct it to “Obi-Wan.” I wonder if they intentionally refrained from modifying the original text, or if it was just an oversight.

  2. I may have to break down and buy this book after listening to that audio excerpt…because apparently I need 3 copies of HttE….*sigh* definitely can’t replace my current Hardback. It’s signed by Zahn, Anthony Daniels, Jeremy Bulloch, and Shannon (“Mara Jade”…can’t recall/makeout her last name). …hrm wonder if the library will get this one.

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