New Heir to the Empire still getting around

Entertainment Weekly has an brief interview with Timothy Zahn to celebrate the re-release of Heir to the Empire. They do refer to Mara as “crimson-haired,” which makes my 17-year-old self wince, but I’ll forgive them. Just this once. If only because they’re not trying to cast the thing.

Suvudu has no such excuse. It’s no secret that faux-casting games drive me batty, so I’ll just point you at theirs: Captain Pellaeon, Talon Karrde, Joruus C’baoth, Wedge Antilles and, finally, Mara Jade. Remember, what goes on at Suvudu stays at Suvudu, kids: No casting games here, or you’ll make me redo this. Only worse.

As a palate-cleanser, Wired also has a tribute to Heir.

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  1. The story is enjoyable for a re-read. And the annotations are adding an extra layer that I find make it well worth the purchase. Would love to see annotations of the other two as well, so definitely support going out and buying the book.

  2. Sweet dust cover on it and I actually like the original artwork done in mono, though I actually suspect its a Pantone Silver/Black Duotone.

    Surely from a slightly cynical corporate view if enough units ship, the next book is inevitable.

  3. We haven’t heard yet if they’ll be doing Dark Force Rising. It apparently depended on sales of the HttE.

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