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Gate Geek – Own the Stargate

A year-long auction of Stargate memorabilia has begun.  The auction, run by the same company that did last year’s Battlestar Galactica sell-off, is supposedly of items that the production company knew they’d not need for future movies. (via)

Of course, this only reinforces the fan perception that the new straight-to-DVD movies will never happen.  MGM has been unable to gather the funding to launch them in the current economy.  But after 15 years, one can imagine that their prop storage is full to busting at the seams.  Still, Stargate fans enjoy some good angst, so the worry continues.

Actor David Hewlett (Rodney McKay) has proposed another idea on his Twitter, though:

Okay, here’s the plan: We buy everything, put it all back together, and then we make the Stargate Atlantis movie. http://bit.ly/8qJ2tQ

It’s Friday! Let’s Boogie!!

In honor of our Slacker Friday the 13th here at Club Jade, I give you some sci-fi-related time wasters:

Alrighty.  Thanks for playing.  Dunc will probably wake up soon.  And we expect James out of quarantine sometime in the next week or so.  (Or maybe he’s just trying to marathon Star Trek?)

In the meantime, go and play on our open post.  Let us know what you’re up to on this wacky day of days.  And go support sci-fi tonight.  There are plenty of offerings on tap.

Gate Geek – Scandal Rocks the Franchise

Whether or not you watch Stargate, you’ve probably heard that Stargate Universe is a very different entry for the franchise.  This has been met with both extensive praise and much gnashing of teeth

WB didn’t do terribly much to help their cause when they insulted the existing fans with their press release announcing a new demographic was being targeted.  Oh.  And did we mention this came out the day after they cancelled Stargate Atlantis?  This started a wave of angst at levels not previously seen in the franchise.  (And fans are capable of some great levels of angst.)  One can assume (or at least hope) this was not intended as an insult, but that’s how it was received.

The cast and crew have done quite a bit to reach out to the fans with a whole-sale assault on Twitter and Facebook.  But unfortunately, the segment of fandom who can’t seem to phrase an opinion without a personal attack have gone after these folks in a major way; forcing one of the main actors (Brian J. Smith) to decide he’s stepping away from an online presence.  (Definitely for the hiatus.  Possibly longer.)

Producer Joe Mallozzi, who has long allowed people to express a certain level of these opinions on his blog, has spoken out about this.  He stands up for his cast and crew (and their families) and reminds people that you don’t have to like a show, but you don’t personally attack the Stargate family.

To that I say “Bravo.”  Enjoying the anonymity of being online is no excuse for not behaving with civility.

Gate Geek – Let there be Light

Stargate Universe is back tonight with the episode “Light.”  (As opposed to last week’s episode, “Darkness.”  Seeing a pattern?) 

Ratings were down 14%, but it was considered to be okay as it was in competition with baseball and a new horror film.  We’ll see if they’ll still be happy if the ratings are that way this week; although I think there’s more baseball.  Still, November will be critical as Dollhouse will be off the air.  I think they’ll be expected to gather some eyes from that audience.

At any rate, one of the more interesting parts of SGU are the Kino diaries.  The Official Site is now starting to post them.

In other Stargate news, Atlantis won two Gemini Awards.  One for makeup in the episode “Vegas,” and the other for writing in “The Shrine.”  (One of my favorite episodes ever.)  SG1 alum Amanda Tapping’s series Sanctuary won for VFX.

And finally, as reported on our Twitter feed, Jason Momoa will be in HBO’s Game of Thrones series.  (Women everywhere rejoice.  Nude scene!)

Gate Geek – Stargate for the rest of us

Yes.  Things are getting a bit hyped for Stargate Universe, but those of you who dismiss Stargate as a franchise might want to try this one out.  It’s getting some good reviews by non-Stargate fans:

Just a few of the many positive reviews out there.  And, quite honestly, I’m not seeing much in the way of negative reviews.  So folks might want to give it a shot.

Plus, John Scalzi is a creative consultant.  Can this be a bad thing?

Gate Geek – A Virtual Plethora of Stuff

Well, the deluge of SGU coverage continues.  Let’s just list out the non-spoilery stuff, shall we?

SGU kicks off on Friday, October 2nd in the US and Canada.  (October 6th in the UK.)  Thanks to Wraithfodder for gathering most of this!

Gate Geek – Dogs in Combat Boots

Okay, so you’ll just have to live with me hyping Stargate Universe, this week.  Did I mention it premieres on October 2nd?  (That’s this Friday.)

Great interview with Brian J. Smith about his character Lt. Scott.  I think he and David Blue will be fighting it out for favorite character on this show.  (They very kindly put slightly spoilery stuff under a picture.)

And they link to the adorable picture of Brian’s temporary dog in combat boots.

Gate Geek: io9 has seen Universe and it is good….

And lo,  io9 got to see the first three hours of Stargate Universe.  And it was good.  They even managed to write a spoiler-free review about it.

In a nutshell, it’s not your regular Stargate, but it still has it as its core.  And they ask you to give it at least until the end of the third hour until you decide for yourself.  Plenty of stuff for “Gaters” to get riled about; which “Gaters” love to do.  (Can I be not a fan of the whole “Gaters” designation, though?)

At Dragon*Con, I got the chance to speak briefly with Gary Jones (aka Walter “Chevron Counting Guy” Harriman) who has been there during production and even saw some preliminary cuts.  He thinks we’re going to love it if we give it a chance.

Gate Geek – Thanks, Urgo

We interrupt my real life in the H1N1 response to bring some sad news to the Stargate family.  Dom DeLuise, talented comedian and the creator of the much-beloved character Urgo, has died at the age of 75.

Mr. DeLuise was also father to long-time Stargate director/writer Peter DeLuise and actors Michael (Colonel Danning from Wormhole Extreme) and  David (Sam’s boyfriend Pete Shanahan). 

Urgo once said, “I wanna live! I wanna experience the universe! And I wanna eat pie!”  Hopefully you’re now getting to do so.

Gate Geek – I see interesting things

I really need to do these more often.  Lots of news flying, these days.

Prepare to be astounded.  Stargate Universe is going to feature an openly gay character for the first time; in addition to being “dark and edgy.”  (The cast does not appear to be as dark and edgy, though.  If you’re not already following them, cast members David Blue and Brian Jacob Smith have been Twittering up a storm and seem like a lot of fun.)

So this gay thing is not entirely new.  It has already been said that at least one of the Atlantis characters was gay, but they never put it on screen.  And there may be others.

Maybe they’ll do that in the “some day soon” version of the Atlantis movie?  (Joe Mallozzi has been working on the script.)  But apparently MGM is being a bit wishy-washy about the timing for this and the next SG1 project.

In spend-some-money news, there is a preview of the Teal’c animated maquette on i09 that is entirely too cute.  (Words rarely associated with Teal’c.)

You can also spend your money to have lunch with Richard Dean Anderson to benefit the Waterkeeper Alliance.

And in yet still unrelated news, big, um, congrats to the incredibly talented Christopher Hyerdahl for being cast in the next Twilight movie.  May you not be overrun by Twihards.