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Theory: A new StarWars.com?

EU Cantina has video of Steve’s presentation at Disney World this weekend. He also talks about Skywalker Ranch, the Presidio, The Force Unleashed, and of course, a lot about The Clone Wars.

He briefly mention StarWars.com and ‘some changes…’ Does that, combined with the site’s recent radio silence (the last news item is dated May 29th, and even blogging has been sparse) mean the site is getting a real overhaul, as opposed to just another Flash splash page?

Just don’t make it all in Flash, please…

Celebration Japan pre-sale dates; Disney news

The tickets will go on sale April 20 for Hyperspace members, May 17 in the U.S, and May 18 in Japan. There are also two levels of premium tickets that grant fans souvenir collectibles and special VIP privileges.

In other event news, StarWars.com also has the news that Jake Lloyd will be a guest at Disney’s Star Wars weekend on June 27-29… And an item on special Muppet/SW mashup figures that will only be available at Disney.