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Rumor: Disneyland Paris to open a ‘Star Wars Land?’

Disney and More theorizes that Disneyland Paris may be getting far more than a Star Tours upgrade: There may be an entire section of Discoveryland devoted to Star Wars. It won’t be like the image above – a previously published concept by Tim Delaney that imagines a reskinned Space Mountain – but may involve a Jedi Academy like the U.S. parks have and a Mos Eisley Cantina-inspired restaurant. (via)

In less questionable news, StarWars.com had two items this week regarding Disney World – new Star Wars art at Downtown Disney and a look at the merchandise for Star Wars Weekends.

Her Universe to debut exclusive shirts, kid sizes at Disney Star Wars Weekends

In addition to stocking the existing Her Universe merchandise, Disney will feature two new exclusive shirts. Kid’s sizes of two of HU’s designs will also be available.

Ashley Eckstein will be a guest at Weekends, which run each Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 20 through June 12.

The shirts will be exclusive to Disney only through June.

Video: Hard up for The Clone Wars?

Well, TFN links some cruddy bootleg footage of The Clone Wars S2. (Did I mention there’s no sound?) Likely to be gone by morning, so watch it now or wait for them to drop it officially… Which maybe will also come in the morning*. For the sake of those of you dying to see it, I hope so, because that is some seriously bad bootleg.

(For the EU fans, note Holocron and… maybe… A Hapan queen. And apparently Mandos. Oh joy.)

* Though, this being footage from Disney, probably not until the SW Weekends thing is over. Two weekends to go.

Star Wars Weekends taking over Disney NOW

Photo is by Josh Hallett aka Hyku @ Flickr.Yes, it’s that time of year again, when people get crazy enough to actually go to Florida. Okay, I kid. (Seriously though, please don’t put C5 there.) Today marks the start of the first (of four) Star Wars events at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. To celebrate, StarWars.com has tips on getting ready and, of course, a schedule.

  • Guests: Jay Laga’aia and Ashley Eckstein are hosting this weekend, with Ray Park, Warwick Davis and James Arnold Taylor making appearances. Later on Peter Mayhew, Matt Lanter and Dave Filoni will be showing up: The full list is here.

  • The Clone Wars: Naturally, the target demographic gets plenty of TCW.
  • Buy stuff: You know what to do.
  • You might not get to see these, but… Everyone loved the “backstage” posters.

(Photo is by Josh Hallett aka Hyku at Flickr.)