Star Wars Weekends taking over Disney NOW

Photo is by Josh Hallett aka Hyku @ Flickr.Yes, it’s that time of year again, when people get crazy enough to actually go to Florida. Okay, I kid. (Seriously though, please don’t put C5 there.) Today marks the start of the first (of four) Star Wars events at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. To celebrate, has tips on getting ready and, of course, a schedule.

  • Guests: Jay Laga’aia and Ashley Eckstein are hosting this weekend, with Ray Park, Warwick Davis and James Arnold Taylor making appearances. Later on Peter Mayhew, Matt Lanter and Dave Filoni will be showing up: The full list is here.
  • The Clone Wars: Naturally, the target demographic gets plenty of TCW.
  • Buy stuff: You know what to do.
  • You might not get to see these, but… Everyone loved the “backstage” posters.

(Photo is by Josh Hallett aka Hyku at Flickr.)

Musical Journey, other event updates

So I was checking out the Google News Search yesterday, as one does, and what should appear but – lo! – A Musical Journey, which starts tonight! And so, the BBC has a tour of the companion exhibition.

As for other upcoming events of note, has the Star Wars Weekends 2009 guest list (Heavy on The Clone Wars; Jay Laga’aia and Ashley Eckstein share hosting duties.) and a video of Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter going up in Indianapolis for The Clone Wars exhibit.

Going to New York Comic Con this weekend?

Photo from NYCC '08 by elorgwhee @ Flickr.This weekend is the first major con of the year, New York Comic Con. Steve Sansweet and “some famous—maybe infamous—guests” will be there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Phantom Menace, along with folks from Del Rey, Dark Horse and Robot Chicken. And for The Clone Wars fans, the official site promises “an exclusive sneak peek of something very special.”

The Beat has the schedule of Dark Horse events, including a Star Wars panel and several signings on Saturday. And Star Wars is certain to come up at the Random House panel later (?) that day.

In other event news, dates were announced for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends last week.

Photo from NYCC ’08 by elorgwhee on Flickr. All hail Creative Commons!

Theory: A new

EU Cantina has video of Steve’s presentation at Disney World this weekend. He also talks about Skywalker Ranch, the Presidio, The Force Unleashed, and of course, a lot about The Clone Wars.

He briefly mention and ‘some changes…’ Does that, combined with the site’s recent radio silence (the last news item is dated May 29th, and even blogging has been sparse) mean the site is getting a real overhaul, as opposed to just another Flash splash page?

Just don’t make it all in Flash, please…