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The Force Awakens soundtrack will be out December 18


StarWars.com has announced that John William’s soundtrack for The Force Awakens will drop the same day the movie does – December 18.

This doesn’t mean they won’t pull a ‘Qui-Gon’s Noble End’ on us – it’s highly likely we’ll get packaging leaks well ahead of time. (If not an actual, official track release.) But it’s also worth noting that they managed to avoid spoilers with the Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith soundtracks, so save your concern trolling for other matters.

Coldplay, Beck, and Johnny Cash on a Star Wars EU soundtrack?

As first reported a few days back, Del Rey was promoting Joe Schreiber’s upcoming Deathtroopers novel with a free soundtrack CD at the New York Comic Con. Now, Schreiber goes over the soundtrack playlist on his blog. With some of the aforementioned musicians, the soundtrack also included some Pixies, Allison Krauss, Tool, and Rob Zombie — and starts off with the 20th Century Fox fanfare. Not since “Christmas in the Stars” have some lucky fans gotten a Star Wars album so eclectic.

Todayish in The Clone Wars: The second review!

The Clone Wars lineup

More more more The Clone Wars

With August and the release date bearing down, the news is (finally, overwhelmingly) starting to flow…

Egyptian Theatre

Score or soundtrack? Who cares!

Slice of Sci-Fi’s Top Ten Science Fiction and Fantasy Movie Soundtracks of All Time. Star Wars clocks in fairly low, which… okay. (A subjective list of music on the internet? Gasp!)

Still, doesn’t The Fifth Element deserve some love?

Any excuse for a video post

Spoilers and soundtracks

Coming Soon has posted their Star Wars roundup for the week and it’s full of possible spoilers, including some brand new pictures. Read it at your own risk! Most of the spoilers originate at a site called Millennium Falcon, which might be worth keeping an eye on.

In other recent news, TFN claims that the soundtrack for ROTS will be out on May 3rd, 2005, and will include a bonus DVD.