Coldplay, Beck, and Johnny Cash on a Star Wars EU soundtrack?

As first reported a few days back, Del Rey was promoting Joe Schreiber’s upcoming Deathtroopers novel with a free soundtrack CD at the New York Comic Con. Now, Schreiber goes over the soundtrack playlist on his blog. With some of the aforementioned musicians, the soundtrack also included some Pixies, Allison Krauss, Tool, and Rob Zombie — and starts off with the 20th Century Fox fanfare. Not since “Christmas in the Stars” have some lucky fans gotten a Star Wars album so eclectic.

7 Replies to “Coldplay, Beck, and Johnny Cash on a Star Wars EU soundtrack?”

  1. honestly…I’d rather not see Star Wars go on a horror binge, so I was kinda hoping this book would flop.

    I think I MUST have this CD though.

  2. And here I thought that this soundtrack CD was something other than a “mix”… I guess I was spoiled with the “Shadows of the Empire” soundtrack.

  3. Dava: I think it was a one-time thing, but you can recreate it by nabbing the songs at the second link.

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