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Flashback: Remembering the rumors of previous Star Wars eras

fantastic-lulzA flight of prequel-era rumor memories were unearthed on Twitter last night, which led even further back: To early (December 1980!) rumor reports regarding the film that eventually became Return of the Jedi. Clones! So many clones! (via)

Just keep this in mind next time you’re agonizing over the latest Episode VII rumors. And check out some of the prequel reminiscing below the cut.

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The Craft Side: 80’s Retro Star Wars comic shoes

Craftster member BenaeQuee made these supremely nerdy decoupage shoes using some “well-loved” 80’s Star Wars comic books. She writes:

I used 10 comic books and poured over the endless panels cutting out various images that appealed to me. Chewie, R2D2, and the Millennium Falcon were ones that I cut out a lot. I found a great piece of Vader dueling shirtless, buff, Luke *hehe* that is the statement on the outside of the left shoe.

The left shoe is the battle between the Rebellion and the Empire. The right shoe is strictly the Rebellion forces. The sole edges are painted in a glittery black paint that reminds me of the night sky (visible in the original picture size linked below) and the upper edges are finished in a black cloth tape and a pin stripe of chrome paint. The heel tip is also finished with the chrome paint.

Later in the comments, she says she used “Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish” to seal them, but hopes to use a sealant spray as well. (Can you be too careful?) Seems like a fun project to emulate!

Nostalgia Minute: Rebellious Robot Turns 30

rebrobotIf you were a kid when A New Hope was first released (we’re talking ol’ fart fans), then chances are that The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot holds a tender place in your heart.

Writer John Booth tracked down one of its creators, Mark Corcoran, for an interview on its 25th anniversary.  He has updated it for the 30th.  An interesting look at what was going on during that era. (via)

This makes me want to dig out all of my old kids’ books and relive the joy.