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The fandom minute

Friday morning reading list

Slashfilm came across a fan-made poster that spans the entire saga. I’m usually not a huge fan of the collage aesthetic, but I gotta admit this one is pretty nifty.





Politics and Star Trek: the Federation and Federalism

So Yav suggested that I re-post this here. A law professor blogs about the ‘federalism’ of the United Federation of Planets, and comes to the conclusion that the hippie Feds are really a protection racket, exploiting the member worlds for the benefit of the humans.

Read the blog post.

While I don’t see that the evidence supports this conclusion, and share my alternatives that can explain how their economy functions.

Video Monday

Best entry I’ve seen yet in the Stephen Colbert Greenscreen Challenge. (Warning: Contains George W. Bush.)

J. Hasbien Talent Agency. Finding work for ‘semi-retired’ sci-fi characters.

Wookiee Nights, a Star Wars/Boogie Nights trailer mashup. Yes, really.

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