Friday morning reading list

Slashfilm came across a fan-made poster that spans the entire saga. I’m usually not a huge fan of the collage aesthetic, but I gotta admit this one is pretty nifty.





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  1. Wow, I really dig the poster, but what’s with the enormous pic of Zev Senesca? Does finding Luke and Han’s shelter on Hoth really warrant such a tribute? Over someone more Saga-important like say, oh, I don’t know, WEDGE?

  2. Yeah, some of the proportions are off. Why is Tarkin three times the size of Han? :/

  3. heh… i was going to say the same thing – i’d say that this poster was made by an Imperial fan, since Tarkin and Piett dominate the right side of the poster and the Imperial ships are on top, easily spotted against the black background, while the rebels are all on the bottom of the pic.

    Han and Chewie get the shaft here.

    qui-gon gets a saintly halo?!

    still it is a nicely produced poster.

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