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Are stormtroopers softening up America for fascism?

Here’s one for the ‘quite probably taking fandom phenomenon way too seriously’ bin:

Suppose tomorrow the Bush administration announces plans to deploy thousands of Homeland Security Troops to American cities, to walk the streets armed in the search for un-American, possibly terrorist activities (such as taking photos where there isn’t anything obviously pretty to be taking a photo of, being overly swarthy, videotaping cops and Homeland Security Troops, etc). These guys would only be answerable to the DHS, and they would be recruited from the likes of Blackwater, Wackenhut, and so forth.

Obviously there would be some outrage, yeah? I mean, not as much as there should be, but a lot of folks wouldn’t care for this at all.

Now imagine that these troops are outfitted exactly like Stormtroopers from Star Wars.

All I have to say is that the 501st bothers me a hell of a lot less than the Jediism crowd. Thoughts, true believers? (via)

Video: George helps get out the vote

George Lucas is among the celebrities in this new PSA from Vote For It ’08:

VFI08 is a joint initiative between the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN), and online ad network and marketing company, CPX Interactive. The overarching purpose of the joint initiative is to serve as a call-to-action to America’s youth vote, emphasizing the importance of connectivity to the growing national political spirit and the necessity of empowering one’s self thru the exercise of the most basic responsibility…that is the right to vote.

The VFI08 site will launch Monday. (via)

Video: Mark Hamill talks stunts… and politics

Yes, this is one of a series of videos from Point Park University where Hamill is basically campaigning for Barak Obama. In the interest of political neutrality (CJers are all over the map) the one up top has very little political content and really is mostly about stunts. (And gorillas.) You can watch the rest here, here, and here. There’s Star Wars/family/career stuff throughout. (via)