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TV news: Doctor Who gets a logo makeover and Dollhouse is in trouble. Again.

Tardis, or birthday candle? YOU DECIDE.The Doctor gets spiffed up for new season. As if Flopsy McEmohair wasn’t enough of a change, the BBC has unveiled a new logo/branding for Doctor Who. It’s a tad sophomore-year design project, but I kinda dig it.

Second verse, same as the first. Dollhouse is in trouble! How novel! The campaign is thataway.

Ride into Westeros. Horse-riding extras are needed in Northern Ireland for HBO’s A Game of Thrones later this month.

Could David Tennant be playing Bilbo Baggins?

Geoff Boucher pointed out yesterday that David Tennant is heading to San Diego for the first time – ostenibly to promote his last spin as Doctor Who – and could that perhaps mean he’s won the lead role in The Hobbit? Others are taking the speculation as an excuse to crow that it’s a done deal, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for Peter Jackson, he’s denying that we’ll get any casting news at Comic-Con.

Boucher’s also running an opinion poll, where Atonement’s James McAvoy is just narrowly beating Tennant.

The catchup: Links from Twitter

Here are some of the things I’ve micro-blogged over @clubjade in the last week or so.

Sci-fi raver chic, or… Eventually, some fan costumer is going to get their hands on this fiber-optic fabric, and we’re going to be seeing walking holograms at cons.

My god!Star Trek’s entire history in all media over the last four decades has been nothing but revisions and reboots. ” And so it is. Fascinating stuff… And very familiar.

Speaking of a cycle of never-ending reboots… The companion for the new Doctor Who was announced last week. Quote of the hour: “…I feel like I’m going to be watching Doctor Nine Oh Who One Oh.”

For my peeps. Jezebel takes the TV teen queens of the early 90’s head to head. Blossom or Clarissa?

Geek decor. Twenty brilliant bookcases.

The great gallery of geek gingerbread

Gingerbread Star Destroyer

You Bent My Wookie’s collection of gingerbread… things… is not all geeky, but it is mostly geeky, and isn’t that the most important thing? Some of these have been around a while, but others – like the Star Destroyer above – are new to me. (via)

And just for the hell of it, here’s a Dalek Christmas tree. CELEBRATE!