The catchup: Links from Twitter

Here are some of the things I’ve micro-blogged over @clubjade in the last week or so.

Sci-fi raver chic, or… Eventually, some fan costumer is going to get their hands on this fiber-optic fabric, and we’re going to be seeing walking holograms at cons.

My god!Star Trek’s entire history in all media over the last four decades has been nothing but revisions and reboots. ” And so it is. Fascinating stuff… And very familiar.

Speaking of a cycle of never-ending reboots… The companion for the new Doctor Who was announced last week. Quote of the hour: “…I feel like I’m going to be watching Doctor Nine Oh Who One Oh.”

For my peeps. Jezebel takes the TV teen queens of the early 90’s head to head. Blossom or Clarissa?

Geek decor. Twenty brilliant bookcases.

3 Replies to “The catchup: Links from Twitter”

  1. I love that Trek reboot article. I love it when someone speaks the truth. Amen!

    And, when you think about it, Dr. Who just pretty much decided to tell everyone from the beginning that it would be rebooting. But the fans still complain about that.

    Ah, fans…

  2. P.S. Thank goodness that is a mannequin. I was seriously concerned for that woman before I figured it out. :)

  3. Despite my better judgment, there’s a part of me that’s positively entranced by the fiber-optic fabric. I’m trying to be grown-up and sensible, but I keep going back and saying, “But it’s so cool . . . ”

    The ST article is brilliant. I may need to forward it to a few complaining fans I know.

    I know nothing about Dr. Who and never saw Blossom or Clarissa (I had a hat like Blossom’s and justified buying it because Blossom had one, though!), but COVET those bookshelves. OMG.

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