David Tennant leaving Doctor Who

Well, it’s official – he’s leaving after finishing up four specials, and a new Doctor will be stepping in sometime in 2010. Let the speculation begin continue.

5 Replies to “David Tennant leaving Doctor Who

  1. Well, I’m probably done with that show then, unless the new doctor can top him.

  2. The change of Doctors is a tradition going back over 40 years. Three seasons plus a year of specials is a respectable amount of time to play the role. I look forward to 2010 and seeing what incoming executive producer Steven Moffat comes up with for the Eleventh Doctor.

  3. It’s always a time of stress when The Doctor changes. Everyone gets so anxious about it.

    I remember when everyone was complaining that Tennant wouldn’t be that good a Doctor. My, how it all changes….

  4. I’m sad to see David go, but he’s got to go & do other things while he can. Most of the previous actors never got out of the “played the Doctor” shadow.

    And a clean slate could be extremely good for the franchise. New Doc, new head writer, new stories!

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