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Hallmark’s Star Wars ornaments for 2009

It’s May, so of course the Dream Book is out, because nothing says spring like planning out your Christmas tree. This year’s Star Wars selections are include The Phantom Menace duel (above,) Han in Stormtrooper gear, Luke’s landspeeder, and a Clone Wars twofer of Anakin and Ahsoka.

Also of interest: Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters and my personal grinchy favorite, the Wicked Witch of the West.

(Thanks, Rach!)

On the care and feeding of effective villains

Darth Vader extra crispy

Inspired by the success of The Dark Knight’s Joker, io9 has some thoughts on keeping your villains villainy – what makes them great, how they go wrong, and how not to ruin their effectiveness. Darth Vader is used as an example in the last – and I can’t say I disagree. Continue reading

Catching up with The Clone Wars: AP goes to the special hell, Henry Gilroy, defending the prequels

JadeCon is never a good time for real blogging, and so several stories over the last week got missed. Now that I’ve slept an entire night (and then some,) and taken a Claritin (damn you, con crud!) and am finally back in the land of working wireless, here’s some of The Clone Wars stuff that got missed:

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Anakin Skywalker: Badass geek?

Always Watching thinks so – they named him one of their ten most badass geeks in film and TV:

It’s strange to think that one of the world’s most iconic and badass movie villains would ultimately be revealed as a major geek during his childhood years. Little Anakin Skywalker was an engineering prodigy, capable of building or repairing anything tech-related, including his own podracer and even C-3PO (albeit naked).