Star Wars in the news

Bryan Young defends the prequel trilogy at perhaps one of the last places one would expect such a thing – The Huffington Post. If he was at CIV, I think I may have asked him (or his son) a trivia question or two…

Also, among the things we missed due to C4, Empire’s special Star Wars section, including a marathon interview with George Lucas, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Whoops.





From the Blogside

Chaodai shatters the myth that saying something is ‘for kids’ means you don’t have to try. Not surprisingly, The Phantom Menace comes up…

Speaking of TPM, Ryan Kaufman asks what’s up with The “Phantom” Menace?

Anakinside1 explores Anakin’s feminine side.

Master Ki-Aaron-Mundi has a theory on how Ferus Olin kicks the bucket.

Marvolo7 shares her list of the EU’s most memorable moments.

Eleventh Guard asks why is there so little NJO slash?

From the blogside

Imadra_blue rants on fandom perceptions of Anakin and Mace.

Lazypadawan isn’t fond of the theory that the Sith created Anakin.

Jaded_skys defends Padme, and Cadesama posted notes on the Padme/Anakin pairing.

An essay by Abel G. Peña is being published as part of an e-book.

Also on, Paul ponders who else was being held on the Death Star’s detention level, Pablo calls out Fox News for not doing their homework and Bonnie finds Indiana Jones mash-ups.

I am indebted to the fine folks at Jedi News from linking to some of the Livejournal posts.

From the Blogside

Inner Bitch watches the entire saga (in release order) and is more than a little surprised.

Halagard takes a look at what the Expanded Universe might look like if it started after the release of the prequels.

Meanwhile, Jeff Dillon of The Disembodied Brain picks up The Joiner King and The Unseen Queen. He’s not impressed.

Shoiryu slashes out for a bit, but calms down for a nice discussion of the Master and Padawan attachment.

A short thread on Padme as Anakin’s anima breeds an entire community devoted to the subject. Neat!

In the realm of, there’s a new multiblog for Official Star Wars artists.