No booze and only one hooker: Best #StarWars, #SWEU and #EpisodeVII tweets for March 25-April 7

@stoogey: I don't remember having a night of drunken excess but the giant C-3PO Pez dispenser I found under the front seat speaks for itself.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve said goodbye to a few, mocked more, and, well, went a tiny bit overboard with the dramatics. Just another week in Star Wars fandom…

Best #StarWars tweets for March 25-April 7

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I don’t remember having a night of drunken excess but the giant C-3PO Pez dispenser I found under the front seat speaks for itself.YZ Freedman
Who doesn’t need underwear with an Ewok on the crotch?! #StarWars #WonderCon Ratcliffe
If Yoda is more popular than Obi-Wan, this franchise really is doomed.Austin
Guess who won?
"A fandom that has Luke Skywalker as its hero is going to have people prone to drama. It’s just a fact." – @rosiewookAaron Goins
I bet Siskel & Ebert are watching Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 right now and wondering if they’re really in heavenWonderella
It took me till adulthood to truly appreciate Carmine Infantino’s style in the early Star Wars comics. I revisit them often. RIPPablo Hidalgo


My complete and impressive collection of Lucasfilm Games: Gilbert
If I were a billionaire I’d hire all the lay offs from Lucasfilm, LucasArts, Blue Sky & TIppet and make ONE MEGA MOVIE TO RULE THEM ALL.Giancarlo Volpe
To the incredible artists at #Lucasarts who kept Star Wars relevant and alive for fans – You have my admiration and respect. Was an honor.Sam Witwer
LucasArts was not only a pioneering videogame studio, it was also a company that ALWAYS respected what we were doing with EP. This hurts.Victor Lucas
If ever there was wasted potential in the games industry, later years LucasArts was it.Heilemann
What are the odds LucasFilm earned more money from the Angry Birds deal than from the past half dozen LucasArts games?Seamus Byrne
Anyone shocked by the news about LucasArts paid zero attention to the WDC’s current corporate strategy with gaming.Mandy Bulat
It’s easy to forget that LucasArts, for a lot of us, is what kept Star Wars alive and kicking in a time when there was nothing else coming.Joey Esposito
Decades of great memories from @lucasartsgames as a gamer and as an employee. To my LucasArts family: tremendous love and respect. #1138David Collins
I’m sad about #CloneWars. I’m not sad about LucasArts. A lot of their Star Wars games were just plain BAD. The Force Unleashed 2, anyone?Mattr0polis
And announcement said they’ll license stuff to other companies, so actual good game companies could make Star Wars games. That’s good news.Mattr0polis
While LucasArts’ closure is sad for the many talented people who worked there, it was not in great shape anyway. This was the right call.Eric Geller
My heart goes out to the folks at #lucasarts today. A truly talented group. May their next endevours be brilliant and fulfilling.Matthew Wood
We as Star Wars fans need to get beyond the mindset of how Lucasfilm *used* to operate. Those days are over. #entertainmentbigleaguesMichael Falkner
#Starwars fans, we complain when nothing changes and we complain when everything changes. There really is no pleasing us.paul depaola
Anyone who says they won’t watch Episode VII because of Disney’s decisions is just lying to themselves. I know I’ll still be first in lineAndy

Watching the films

My favorite Padme/Anakin moment is when he’s all: I just committed small scale genocide and she’s all: let’s hug it out! #StarWarsAmy Ratcliffe
Sign of their age: my kids refuse to call him The Emperor. To them, He is only Darth Sidious.Bryan Young
Watched the Star Wars series start to finish. I’m not so sure the Dark Side is bad. Jedi are self-righteous douchebags.The Ugly Facade
Has anyone else noticed that Han Solo never changed his clothes throughout the entire Star Wars trilogy?Matthew G. Winchell
I call my outfit today "Han Solo Has a Court Date."Lucy Ruth

Episode VII

Had an Ep VII dream last night. It started with Han, Leia and Luke not having seen each other for decades. And everyone was wearing white.ginchy_amanda
Marvel, DC and Lucasfilm need to go "Game of Thrones actor shopping". Almost any of them is worthy to be in a CBM/Star wars filmNatalia Romanova
In a darkened hut on Endor, Darth Wicket snaps the red crystal into place and ignites his new lightsabre. The Sith live on! #EpisodeVIIJim Thomson
In STAR WARS EPISODE VII, I hope we see R2D2 get his wish, find true love, and become a real boy played by Peter Dinklage. #EpisodeVIIJeffrey Overstreet
Pretty sure I dreamt about the next Star Wars movie. It involved the Imperial March and tiny cat AT-ATs. Move over JJ Abrams. #episodeVIILisa Michetti
Anyone who thinks it’s crazy for Luke, Leia and Han to retire and die of old age instead of in a blaze of glory is forgetting how Yoda died.Brian

The Expanded Universe

My Star Wars outline got approved! Does this mean I get to say the Force is with me?Kevin Hearne
Spending rest of the day telling people in my James Earl Jones voice, "You don’t know the POWAH of the OUTLINE." And they’ll call security.Kevin Hearne
Read Brad Bird’s Foreword for @jwrinzler’s MAKING OF RETURN OF THE JEDI book and it’s immediately evident what a huge #StarWars fan he is!StarWarsBooks
I’m trying to figure out which makes more sense: #Waru or the Easter Bunny. Part of me feels like "neither" is the right answer #SWEURyan Malin
Rule 1138: No matter how dumb something in Star Wars or it’s accompanying expanded universe is, there is ALWAYS something dumber.Vercingétorix
People saying the quality of the #SWEU is crap on a Star Wars board. Excuse me while I go study the classic cinema antics of Jar Jar Binks.Nanci Schwartz

Star Wars life

"At recess today we played Star Wars, and Family. Jacob was a Clone Trooper and the dad. I was Saesee Tiin and the uncle."Liz Braswell
I’m pretty sure my brother stole all of my Star Wars guys, but the statute of limitations has passed, so, we’re still friends.Brian Axtman


I’ll confess I don’t know a lot about the Expanded Universe, but Spaceballs is considered canonically sound, right?Hughes.

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