EUbits: Upcoming from DK and Dark Horse

Upcoming. has a look at some of DK’s 2011 offerings, including Secrets of the Jedi, which sounds like a kid’s version of The Jedi Path. Also up are the December 2010 comics, including Knight Errant #3 and Legacy: War #1.

Interviews. Nathan P. Butler and Andrew Lupi talk to Shannon McRandle.

Column. EUC’s column this week, about death in the EU, is… gigantic.

Fanmade. A custom Mara Jade Mighty Mugg.

4 thoughts on “EUbits: Upcoming from DK and Dark Horse

  1. Chris (The Exalted)

    That EU death column was very well written, I dont really agree with him on Mara or Jacen though. I liked those deaths. Mara was very tragic, but it shook things up massively and I love the fact that they were brave enough to do that. Though I guess Jacen surviving could have worked.

    I was so freaked out about Mara dying that I thought they’d killed off Luke later in the series!


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