You can download Del Rey’s 2015 Star Wars Sampler now

dr15-sampler-cropThe booklet of Star Wars novel excerpts that Del Rey was giving out at Celebration Anaheim is now available to all as a free download. You can get it at Amazon or from your preferred eBook vendor.

It contains excerpts from the upcoming Dark Disciple by Christie Golden and Battlefront: Twilight Company by Alexander Freed, as well the other new canon books that are already out.

6 Replies to “You can download Del Rey’s 2015 Star Wars Sampler now”

  1. “You can download Del Rey’s 2015 Star Wars Sampler now…”

    …unless of course you don’t live in the USA, in which case you’re SoL. Thank you very little, Del Rey.

    1. From what I gather, Del Rey’s contract only covers the U.S./North America. So it stinks, but it’s not like they really have a choice in the matter.

      1. I can’t agree they have no choice. Del Rey is owned by Random House, and Random House’s contract is global.

        I can go online *right now* and order/pre-order Kindle versions of the novels in the sampler from outside the USA.

        And Del Rey’s parent company Random House are happy to take my money for paper books from their imprint in my home country.

        But something as simple as *not* region-locking a free giveaway is beyond them? It’s indicative of a publisher not considering a wider fanbase….

        1. What country are you in? I only know of the British situation, and hell, maybe that’s changed recently. It’s not exactly something I have a lot of experience with.

          And if what you say is indeed the case, then it’s Del Rey you should be directly complaining to, and not a fansite that has absolutely no jurisdiction in such matters. It’s not like it’s 2005 and they’re not easily accessible.

  2. I’m a UKster; and believe me, sending an email to Random House is the very 1st thing I did.

    I enjoy your site and I’m not complaining *at* you, I’m just commenting about how unfair I think it is. I was pretty clear that I’m upset with Del Rey, not Club Jade.

    Can I suggest you add something to the post above that tells non-US fans that, oh, actually they *can’t* do that? Then at least folks like me won’t get ticked off because once more, US fans get stuff and the rest of us have gotta go hang…

    1. Yeah, but the thing is, every time something is region-locked, fansites and such get sniped at like we do have control over it. Or like we could know – it was hours after your first comment that I saw anything else about this being region-locked. No one had even said anything publicly on the SWB page (still nothing now) – and that’s the place it really belongs. You might even get an answer – like that it may actually be coming, it just hasn’t gotten there yet.

      Plus, honestly, nothing in there is worth the fuss.

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