Yes Virginia, there will be a live-action Star Wars series

And on the other side of the coin… A live-action Star Wars series will be coming to Disney’s streaming service, Bob Iger announced alongside the news of Rian Johnson’s new trilogy. No other details were revealed, but the service is expected to debut in 2019.

It’s too early to tell much, but for now I maintain my longstanding side-eye of live-action Star Wars TV projects.

2 Replies to “Yes Virginia, there will be a live-action Star Wars series”

  1. Are you a hater just because the only live-action SW foray was the holiday special? ;)

    1. I’m mostly a hater because every single thing I’ve heard about that Underworld show is even less interesting than the last. And also because I fear overload.

      I’m sure this will be something totally different, but the taint still lingers.

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